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Seems good for now. My first time doing this stuff so sorry if it’s not very professional.

If you want to contact me my email is

Here’s how it works:

- Email me with your commissions description\references of the character\any other info.

- I accept it, you pay (paypal only, sorry. I’ll send info in email), and I make the art.

- In case of quick paint, I’ll send you a sketch before you pay to see if you like the way it’s going to go.

What I’ll draw:

Anything really, except porn and ponies. Also fedoras. No fedoras.

Other Info:

- I’ll finish them roughly after a day since I accept it, hopefully. If I decide not to finish\drop it, I’ll give your money back.

- No refunds after it’s finished.

- Please don’t claim my art as your own etc.


Oh yeah, I forgot I also do lineart. It costs same as color sketch but add +8$ to base cost and +5$ for extras.

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